How to add a tag to an object

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Cinema 4D Version:   R14 
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How do I add a tag to an object? I have no problems cloning tags, like this.

BaseTag* tagFound = someObject->GetFirstTag();
BaseTag* newTag = (BaseTag* )tagFound->GetClone(COPYFLAGS_0, NULL);
anotherObject->InsertTag(newTag, NULL);

But how do I 
a) Insert one of the C4D built in tags, like the Constraint tag
b) Insert one of my own tags.
For (a) I just do not know. For (b) I get error messages. Mainly because my tags are

class MySpecialTag : public TagData

and I get complaints about  MySpecialTag not being a BaseTag*.

Any ideas?

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BaseTag* tag = BaseTag::Alloc(Tcaconstraint);  
if (tag) obj->InsertTag(tag, NULL);  

You will need to include the modules/ca/res in your search path and include "Tcaconstraint.h" in order to have the enumeration.


BaseTag* tag = BaseTag::Alloc(MYPLUGIN_ID);  
if (tag) obj->InsertTag(tag, NULL);  

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You can have it even easier:

BaseTag *tag = obj->MakeTag(Tcaconstraint);   

This will allocate and insert the tag in one single call. Don't forget to check the result for NULL, though.

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Well, I think that I have had issues with adding undos using MakeTag().  But if that behavior has changed, by all means use that instead.

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Thanks a whole bunch! I will test it out, as soon as I have sorted out a few other issues. And Undo is important, yes.