Message ID associated with ViewPort changes ?

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is there a message associated with changes made to the active viewport ? I have a
utils.ViewportSelect instance and I do not want to reinit on each call. Currently I am
using this method :

    def checkViewportSelect(self, doc, bd) :
        Handles / updates the viewportselect object.
        :param doc : The active document
        :param bd  : The active BaseDraw
        :return    : bool
        if isinstance(bd, c4d.BaseDraw) :
            # create an instance
            if not isinstance(self.ViewPortSelect, utils.ViewportSelect) :
                self.ViewPortSelect = utils.ViewportSelect()
            # (re)init the instance
            if (self.ViewPortFrame != bd.GetFrame() or
                self.ViewPortMatrix != bd.GetMg()) :
                self.ViewPortFrame = bd.GetFrame()
                self.ViewPortMatrix = bd.GetMg()
                wd = self.ViewPortFrame["cr"] - self.ViewPortFrame["cl"] + 1
                hg = self.ViewPortFrame["cb"] - self.ViewPortFrame["ct"] + 1
                self.ViewPortSelect.Init(w = wd, h = hg, bd = bd, ops = [self.Object], 
                                         mode = c4d.Mpolyedgepoint, onlyvisible = True, 
                                         flags = c4d.VIEWPORTSELECTFLAGS_IGNORE_HIDDEN_SEL)
            return True
        return False 

Which is working fine, but it feels a bit 'unsafe'. So I am wondering if there is a message
associated with active viewport changes (dimensions, camera pos, projection and so on).
I am looking for a ToolData or CoreMessage.

Not sure how you are doing that ? Initing the VPS object for each call the seems to be a
bit overkill ?

Happy rendering,