Stateful Effector

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I want to iteratively update object positions, but .off resets on every frame?

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Hi bb, can you pls give some more information? Where do you set the positions? In a Python Effector or from an expression and adjust the positions of each node? If you use the Python Effector in which mode does it run?

Cheers, Seb

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I've got some C++ experience, but new to Python, also there's little architectural info and guidance in the SDK (know a good tutorial?)

The goal is to shuffle around some Mograph clones, like solving a puzzle or rubik's cube. It seems all the effectors work formulaic from one initial state and can't permanently change object positions.
I stored the Matrix offsets in a class global list, Python Effector, Full Control - it's working, but seems a bit roundabout to update all cloner positions on every main() call . Would an expression be a better way? Where are the differences? Can you access the clones only through Matrices?

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The MoGraph Cloner evaluates the effectors again on each frame with the initial positions set by the cloner. So a Python Tag might be worth looking at as you can set the objects positions permanently. But if you go with moGraph you might want to change your formula, so you can calculate the position with the given index of the clone and the given time.

Cheers, Seb