World matrix of camera

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Cinema 4D Version:   R14+ 
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How can I get the world matrix of the scene camera in a parallel view such as Left?

BaseObject->GetMg() on the scenecamera returns the rotation portion as an identify matrix.


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The matrix does not only contain the rotation and with it the scale, but also the position. You can
access it via the off attribute.


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Sorry. I don't understand.

I have a "Left" Camera.
I do:

BaseDraw* editor = doc->GetActiveBaseDraw();
      if (!editor)
          return false;
      cam = editor->GetSceneCamera(doc);
      if (!cam)
          return false;
      Matrix camRotMat = cam->GetMg();

I get:
 [1 0 0
  0 1 0
  0 0 1
  0 0 0]

Which is obviously wrong.

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the matrix is correct. orthogonal cameras are not aligned like perspective cameras. every 
orthogonal has that matrix unless you do specifically rotate them.

edit : the offset can vary of course ...

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Sorry I totally disagree that the matrix is correct.

How can I offset the camera to the right if I don't know which axis that is?

CameraObject->SetOffset(CameraObject->GetOffset() + Vector(100,0,0))

only moves the camera left in the "Front", "Top" and "Botton: cameras (because the x-axis is to the right)

Or is there another way of doing this?

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Originally posted by xxxxxxxx

Or is there another way of doing this?

Yep. To get the correct camera matrix use the BaseView instead. There the GetMg() function also gets the global object matrix of the current camera object. But this time it is correct.