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Cinema 4D Version:   R14+ 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
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 I am trying to get the fov:

BaseDraw* editor = doc->GetActiveBaseDraw();
if (!editor)
       return false;
  m_camera= editor->GetSceneCamera(doc);

BaseContainer *data = m_camera->GetDataInstance();

Real fov_h=data->GetReal (CAMERAOBJECT_FOV);
  Real fov_v=data->GetReal (CAMERAOBJECT_FOV_VERTICAL);

but fov_h, fov_v is always==0. What could I be doing wrong?

Edit: I seem to have worked out what to do to get the fov.

I would also like to get hold of the clipping planes and frustum (as in OGL) is are these values available somewhere?


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So, how did you get the FOV?

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So, how did you get the FOV?


GeData fov_h;
  m_camera->GetParameter(DescID(CAMERAOBJECT_FOV), fov_h, (DTYPE_REAL, DESCFLAGS_GET_0));

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you have to calculate the view cone by yourself.  it is pretty simple math.

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How does this work for parallel projections?

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zoom = 1024/units

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Sorry, how does that related to the frustum?

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It doesn't, as a parallel camera doesn't have a frustum.
You work with the zoom for coverage where the base 1024
is a zoom of 1.

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I see, so the width of the world that I can see in the view is 1024 units