change selection to parent

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is there a way to watch for selecting an objekt an if this object is child of my Plugin_Objekt change the selection to the parent object ?


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the easiest way would be in python to write a separate message plugin for that.
for each EVMSG_CHANGE evaluate and modify the active documents object selection
to your needs.

but i do not think that this is good idea, as it would make it impossible to select and
delete the child. either hide the child completely in the object manager or use a
link resource element  to embed your child in the description of your parent object.

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hey - thanks for your reply

hide the object in the object manager don`t prevent to select the child in the viewport

what do you meen with link resource element ? xref ?


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i meant the LinkBoxGui resource element.

_<_img src="" height="30" width="193" border="0" /_>_

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hey littledevil,

thanks for the explanation

i don`t get a clou how protect with the link my child objekts - thanks !

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I think you misunderstood me. The LinkBoxGui is not meant to implement the selection behaviour
you described. I suggested it as an alternative approach to providing input data by parenting 
object nodes.

Overriding user selections is one the worst things you could do in terms of gui design IMHO. 
If you do want implement the desired behaviour nevertheless you will have to write a little 
MessageData plugin for that and do what I have described in my first posting. Theoretically 
you could just use one of the NodeData methods which are being called often, like for 
example GetDEnabling(), but I guess that would be REALLY sloppy.