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    Is it possible to obtain the Element ID the mouse is currently over in a dialog from within the
    BFM_GETCURSORINFO message? I want to display a bubble help for GUI elements like Cycle Buttons.

    Edit: There seems to be the   1667853926   ID (don't know its name atm), but it is only available
    for edit fields, not for cycle buttons and alike. 😢

    Edit 2: It's also BFM_GETCURSORINFO, but within the container. I'll check what value it has.

    Edit 3: The BFM_GETCURSORINFO is not always in the message container as I said before, and if
    it is, it always contains a container which in turn only contains a single entry of type LONG and that
    has the value 21.


  • On 13/05/2013 at 08:36, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    your best shot might be BFM_ACTION, but it is just a wild guess. I have neither used
    the live action values of BFM_ACTION yet nor have I explored that special case.

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