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Hi Folks,

I'm just seeking some clarification on Matrix data. I've got rotation values - they're fine. But I'm having difficulties trying to work out position values (e.g. in millimetres) from the matrix values.

A little bit of an assumption on my behalf, but I gather that the position values are in radians too - is this correct?

I'd rather not use a function for now if possible - I'd like to have a go at making/running some of my own calculations first! Therefore, how does one go about calculating the position values from the matrix values?

I'm not concerned about scene unit values at this stage unless this fundamentally changes the equations (these conversions can be done afterwards anyway can't they?). Regards,


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Radians (and degree) are for angles. Positions are just positions, has nothing to do with Radians.

The position is in Matrix::off.

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I had thought that at first, and printing some values seem to indicate that, but other values are printing different results which is what's confusing/losing me.

Must be something else I'm doing/not doing. Thanks for the clarification Jack. I'll keep digging.


EDIT: re-wrote first paragraph so it made sense!

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Maybe you're mixing up local and global coordinates?
Without seeing any code we can only guess...

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I was just coming back on to let you know that's what I had done! I was printing global instead of local. It took me hours to notice that!!! D'oh!

Thanks Jack,