set size for Ocube?

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Cinema 4D Version:   12 
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Is there a way to set the size of a primitive (Ocube)? I can't find any info. The code below will create a cube with default XYZ.

op = BaseObject::Alloc(Ocube);
doc->InsertObject(op, NULL, NULL);

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and more questions...
when I make a Oplane how can I have control over its parameters (segments)?

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This is how to change the some of the various options on a cube primitive:

    BaseDocument *doc = GetActiveDocument();  
  BaseObject *op = BaseObject::Alloc(Ocube);  
  op->SetName("My Cube");  
  op->SetParameter(DescID(PRIM_CUBE_LEN), GeData(Vector(100,50,200)), DESCFLAGS_SET_0);  //Sets the X, Y, Z values for the cube's size  
  op->SetParameter(DescID(PRIM_CUBE_SUBX), GeData(2), DESCFLAGS_SET_0);           // number of segments is 2  
  op->SetParameter(DescID(PRIM_CUBE_SUBY), GeData(5), DESCFLAGS_SET_0);           // number of segments is 5  
  op->SetParameter(DescID(PRIM_CUBE_SUBZ), GeData(3), DESCFLAGS_SET_0);           // number of segments is 3   
  doc->InsertObject(op, NULL, NULL);

For other options. Drag them from the AM into the bottom of the Console window to get their ID's. Then plugin them into a SetParameter() function in the same manner.
The other primitives work the same way.


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Yeah! Thanks.

I just found out about some SetParameter() stuff. But this helps tremendously.


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The one's that are the most complicated looking are the ones for setting position, scale, and rotation.
They are quite ugly and scary looking when you see them for the first time.
But once you get used to them. They become less scary.

    BaseObject *obj = doc->GetActiveObject();  
  GeData d;   //Used to store the values gotten from obj->GetParameter() below  
  obj->GetParameter(DescID(ID_BASEOBJECT_REL_POSITION, VECTOR_X), d, (DTYPE_VECTOR, DESCFLAGS_GET_0)); //Gets the object's X position  
  obj->SetParameter(DescID(ID_BASEOBJECT_REL_POSITION, VECTOR_X), GeData(120.0), DESCFLAGS_SET_0);       //Sets the object's X position to 120


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Or use BaseObject::GetMg() / BaseObject::SetMg().

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Thanks so much for the help. Totally forgot about GetMg().

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GetMg() was related to the position, not the size of the cube.