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This maybe more of a C++ than C4D SDK question but gNew is from the SDK, so....

I use gNew to get a pointer to some memory for a buffer in a function. This function also populates the buffer. How long will that buffer be mine? Will it expire when I leave the function or stick around until it gets gDelete?

Right now I have the gNew in one function which gets called by another function where the gDelete is. And I know this is baaaad.


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It's like new and delete. Every gNew requires a gDelete. You will get memory leaks if you do not free
the block of memory yourself.

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Actually to prevent memory leaks it is much much better to not call delete/gDelete manually.
It is much better to use Smart Pointers / RAII for this.
ge_autoptr.h has some Smart Pointers for C4D.
Unfortunately there are some problem with it that need to be fixed, not complicated if you know how but if not...

If you are using C++11 then here are more Smart Pointers:

Actually it should be work for old C++ too with some changes...