Alembic retiming

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Alembic natively supports retiming the loaded mesh cache - a feature exposed in the plugins available for other packages (Autodesk Maya and SideFX Houdini for instance).

> ** Background:**
> We use this to apply retiming data generated in comp on Flame or Nuke to the affected shot in the lighting stage. This prevents having to re-track cameras or re-matchmove cg elements. Retiming the shot in comp thusly requires only sending the cg back to lighting (the end of the cg pipe rather than the beginning).

Typically, we would want to see a "frame" parameter on the Alembic Generator that could be driven by expression and/or keyframed, and an "offset" parameter to slide the animation by frames forward or backward.

The current "Start of Animation" parameter doesn't seem to do anything though I believe it's the offset parameter I'm looking for (and I assume it corresponds with c4d.ALEMBIC_START_DELAY).

We're using this effectively on projects done in other packages: Any guidance on what I'm missing or when these features might be implemented for C4D?

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Also of note: I've tried adding a time track to Alembic assets and they don't respond to it.

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c4d.ALEMBIC_START_DELAY is the correct one.
I'm using that in the xreTIME py expression,
found at my site: -> xfiles.

Try it on your top object and check "incl. children".