Create objects without showing them in the hierarc

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Is it possible to creating objects and have them not showing  in the hierarchy?
For example, the Cloner creates objects (clones / instances) but you do not see them in the hierarchy?
Also the Explosion deformer e.g. creates polygons(?), but I do not see them anywhere?
How is this done?

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See c4d.plugins.ObjectData and its GetVirtualObjects() method.


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See c4d.plugins.ObjectData and its GetVirtualObjects() method.


Thanks. I did have a short look at the mentioned examples.
It seems a lot of code for something simple(?).

It will take some time to understand, but I''ll gibe it a try.

Regards, Pim

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GetVirtualObjects() would be the plugin based approach, you can also always use
NBIT_OHIDE to hide a GeListNode. While an ObjectData plugin will always create 
one object, the NBIT allows you to entirely hide an object (hierarchy). NBITS allow
you also to hide stuff in the material manger and the timeline. but for most cases
GVO would be the common approach.

an advantage would be that is a one-liner and also does work for scripts.

myGeListNode.ChangeNBit(c4d.NBIT_OHIDE, c4d.NBITCONTROL_SET)

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@pgroof: Well, it's a plugin. It requires some basic anmount of code like subclassing, registering and the
plugin's description. You can also look at the Python Generator object. The main() function there is
equivalent to ObjectData.GetVirtualObjects().

@littledevil: But it also has the disadvantage that the object can be
revealed by another script again. 🙂