var m = new(Matrix); in Python?

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I'm currently looking over some coffee scripts and looking at taking some of the tips in them into python. Could someone please shine some light on or help me re-write this coffee script snippet into python?
I'm getting stuck on m = new(Matrix)?

	var mobj = Object->GetMg();
	var tobj = Target->GetMg();
	var oldrot, newrot;	
	var p1 = mobj->GetV0();
	var p2 = tobj->GetV0();
	var m = new(Matrix);
	m->SetV3(vnorm(p2 - p1)); 
	m->SetV2(vnorm(vcross(p2-p1, vector(0,1,0)))); 
	m->SetV1(vnorm(vcross(p2-p1, vector(0,0,1)))); 
	var	orot=mobj->GetHPB();

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mobj = Object.GetMg()
tobj = Target.GetMg()  
oldrot = newrot = c4d.Vector() #Not important	
p1 =  
p2 =
m = c4d.Matrix() = p1   
m.V3 = (p2 - p1).GetNormalized())  
m.V2 = (p2-p1).Cross(c4d.Vector(0,1,0)).GetNormalized())  
m.V1 = (p2-p1).Cross(c4d.Vector(0,0,1)).GetNormalized())
newrot = c4d.utils.MatrixToHPB(m)  
orot = c4d.utils.MatrixToHPB(mobj)  
newrot.z = orot.z
oldrot = c4d.utils.MatrixToHPB(mobj)

Should look like this.

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Ah thanks, thats a big help, thanks Rown.