Bitmap Distortion Shader Example Questiosn

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Cinema 4D Version:   13 
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Hello all, back with a couple more question, this time about the Bitmap Distortion Shader.

I've been experimenting with it and I've found some things that I don't understand.

Does ShaderData::Output() browse through the points in any specific order?  From the print tests I've done it seems to be essentially random.

How would I find adjacent points to the current cd->p point?  And what defines a point?  They don't seem to be evenly spaced or anything from what I can tell.

Thanks for any possible help. 

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as nobody is answering here, i just drop two things.

1. ChannelData coordinates are in UVW space. you could theoretically sample neighbouring
areas by calling output just with a modified ChannelData.uVW value. getting the sample for
neighbouring pixels can be quite complicated i guess (as you would have to do the raytracing).

2. the samples are not evenly spaced due to projection a mesh curvature. for a planar
surface with an orthgonal frontal projection output should e called in evenly spreaded steps.