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Hi Folks,
I'm trying to get the SHIFT key while it's pressed for a GeUserArea, in the InputEvents member. I've tried all sorts of variations of the following:

   BaseContainer Qualifier = NULL;  
if(GetInputState(BFM_INPUT_KEYBOARD, BFM_INPUT_CHANNEL, Qualifier))   
  GePrint("Qual called..");  // this sometimes prints  
  if(Qualifier.GetLong(BFM_INPUT_QUALIFIER) & QSHIFT)  
      GePrint("SHIFT pressed..");  // this never prints  
      return TRUE;  

I can get other keys to work - just none of the qualifiers. Where have I gone wrong?

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Don't forget that qualifiers are only called in combination with the mouse.
And you don't need to call GetInputState() because InputEvents() already gives you a message container for the event.
So you can simply write:

    GePrint("SHIFT pressed");
    return TRUE;

Also, this line is frightening 😄:

BaseContainer qualifier = NULL;

The variable is allocated on the stack. It's not a pointer and you should never initialize it with NULL:

BaseContainer qualifier;

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Thanks Yannick,
however that code runs when either the mouse buttons, or any other keyboard button, is pressed. The shift key will be used in conjunction with the mouse (to select some items) but don't we need to be able to catch the shift key on it's own first?
Thanks for the tip on the allocation of variables also. I wasn't aware of that. I've gone through and cleaned up a few of my NULL variables now - cheers!

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have you tried c4d.BFM_ACTION_VALUE ? some time ago i had somewhat a similar
problem (the user pressing enter in dialog). not sure if it helps, but  here is the 
link to the posting.


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Originally posted by xxxxxxxx

however that code runs when either the mouse buttons, or any other keyboard button, is pressed.

Take a look at SDKGradientArea::InputEvent() in the async.cpp example. You can test for qualifier input after the BFM_INPUT_MOUSELEFT test.

I'm using a similar approach in SceneHookData::MouseInput(). The mouse button and qualifier key are reliably detected when clicking in the viewport.