Marking a tag

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Hey Everyone,

Thanks to you guys I've gotten pretty far in the creation of my plugin, so thanks for that!
I'm now trying to mark a compositing tag (or it's host, since it can only have one compositing tag anyway) so that i can later on delete all those compositing tags again that were created by the plugin. But those compositing tags that were already on some objects (hence not marked) previous to the plugins execution should remain untouched.

How can that be achieved?

Any help is much appreciated!


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Hi Amadeo,

if you run the adding and removing of the tags in the same execution pipeline, you can simply
store a list of all tags you have created. After you're done, you can iterate over each item in the
list and remove it.

In case you can not communicate between the adding and removing procedures, you can obtain
a unique ID from the plugincafe and store a boolean value in the tags you have created. When
removing, you can check if 1. the ID exists and 2. the value is True (checking twice is better) and
then remove the tag.

I_CREATED_THAT_TAG = 1002350 # Must be a unique ID from the plugincafe!
for tag in tags: # iterate over tags
    bc = tag.GetDataInstance()
    if bc.FindIndex(I_CREATED_THAT_TAG) >= 0 and bc.GetBool(I_CREATED_THAT_TAG) :


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Thanks a lot! I will try that  Smile