Get render output per python script?

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I need to get the output path via a python script.
It works for basic renders, but it does not work for passes nor stereo rendering.
The main issue is that Cinema4D localizes all names for each language.
E.g. Stereo EN:Stream-Left   DE: Kanal-Links.
Same for the pass names.
How do I get the output names via a python script?

Or is is at least possible to get the language name/ID currently used?

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you are reading the path from a renderdata instance ? i never used stero rendering, but why
don't you simply look for this basepath. the files you will find in this dir containing this basepath
will be your ouput files.

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I need the name BEFORE the files are rendered.
And the files are often spread between different folders if you render passes and stereo.

And even if I would be able to check after the rendering, how would I even know which files in the output folder are from the current render and not from a different one?

So, I need the localized names for stereo and passes.

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you should keep in mind that we are not obligated to help you.
you can determine the active language with GeGetLanguage
and the index in the worldsettings gelistnode.

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Thanks, I will try to use the current language and try to get a list by either the customers.
Otherwise I will try to parse the Cinema Program Files to get the localized names.
The names have to be in some file.

I know that you are not obligated ot help me. This is a free forum.
But I a lot of customers with about 100+ Cinema Licenses which need this.
(The latest number of licenses will hopefully arrive next week)
And there is no way to get paid support from MAXON for this (already tried just before I wrote here).