I just got a new mac.. problems with XCode

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Cinema 4D Version:   r13 
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Is anyone familiar with this error message?  I'm having issues trying to compile the cinema4dsdk examples on my new mac...

warning: The specified SDK "Current OS X" does not appear to have all of the necessary headers installed.  Update your project to use a built-in SDK ("Latest OS X" is recommended) or install the system headers (included with the "Command Line Tools" package) from the "Downloads" pane in the Xcode preferences.
Unsupported compiler 'GCC 4.2' selected for architecture 'x86_64'

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My guess is you're running Mountain Lion with XCode 4, but trying to compile for R13 - is that right? Unfortunately this is a bit of a Catch-22. If you run ML then you install XCode 4, but that won't compile easily for R13 because there's no PPC support. Also, XCode 4 uses the Clang compiler, and XCode 3.x used GCC. That probably explains the error message.

So to build R13 plugins you really need the last version of XCode 3.x, but a) it can be difficult to get hold of if you don't have a paid Apple dev subscription, and b) it doesn't install readily on ML. There are various workarounds on google but I couldn't get 3.x to work under ML, so I took the easy way out and kept my old macbook pro purely for compiling R12/R13 builds.

I'm sure there are ways round this, but this is my guess as to the problem you've run into.


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Yeah, I see the issue as I delved a little deeper into the api-settings.....man that is total crap.  Do you know if this problem persists in r14?

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You need XCode 4 for R14, so there's no problem with that - and Clang is actually very nice and much faster than GCC.

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I'm compiling for R13 with XCode 4.3 under Lion without any issues. I did find that XCode 3.x was necessary for compiling R12 plugins.

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That's interesting, I wasn't able to get it to work with R13. Just shows, there's always a way :-)

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It's easy to lose track given the shifting combinations of Xcode and C4D versions. XCode 4.1 was the last version to include the GCC compiler. Both the LLVM GCC and Clang compilers work in subsequent versions, although Clang is preferred. There shouldn't be a need for any significant adjustments to project settings for R13 plugins to compile.

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I'm compiling with Xcode4.6 on osx10.7 with r13 and getting some errors.  Was there anything that you did to get the compilation of the api working?  I keep getting No matching function call errors. on listview.cpp.

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I've installed Xcode 4.6 and done an error-free fresh compile of the SDK (pre-compile copy) without changing any settings. I'm not sure what might be causing the errors you're experiencing.

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This is the reason for the errors:

The problem can be fixed by updating the GetRange() calls in listview.cpp and edgecut.cpp.