Adding and managing documents Layers

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Hi everyone !
I did a little search here and on cgtalk but couldn't find anything about the subject, and the sdk is still cryptic for me sometimes.. 
Is there a way to create/delete a layer, set its name, add objects to it and so on ?
I thought I can solve with this:
but evidently I didn't understood how it works. 
Basically what I would like to do is a script that creates a new layer, sets its name to something, and add selected objects to it. I'm ok (i think) with adding objects to the layer, but i can't figure how to add the layer itself.
Any advice, example or reference I can check would be great !


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Hi Massimiliano,

Methods dealing with layers are exposed in several classes: LayerObject, BaseDocument and BaseList2D.
Here's a commented code snippet showing how to deal with layers:

import c4d
def main() :
    # Create a new layer
    layer = c4d.documents.LayerObject()
    # Set layer name (Calls C4DAtom.SetName())
    layer.SetName("New Layer")
    # Assign the active object to the newly created layer
    # (Calls BaseList2D.SetLayerObject())
    if op is not None:
    # Get the invisible root layer
    layerRoot = doc.GetLayerObjectRoot()
    # Insert the layer under the root
if __name__=='__main__':

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wow, that was fast :) Thanks a lot Yannick.
I wrongly interpreted a layer as an object "attribute" instead of an object itself, it makes more sense now :)


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Originally posted by xxxxxxxx

I wrongly interpreted a layer as an object "attribute" instead of an object itself, it makes more sense now :)

Yes, a layer is an entity inside CINEMA, not just an attribute or parameter.
LayerObject (representation of a layer) inherits BaseList2D: C4DAtom->GeListNode->BaseList2D->LayerObject.
I'll improve layers documentation because this isn't obvious.