Detecting render state in a scenehook

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I am struggling with getting the information if my current SceneHookData::Execute() call is done from within a rendering or not.

The passed execution flags contain a bit named "_Render" but it is never set.
I also cannot use CheckIsRunning because it returns true when e.g. the editor scene hook is called and there is a rendering running in the picture viewer.

So I am wondering how to get this bit of information in the aforementioned execute function?

Thank you iA

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Anyone an idea? I really am in need of finding a solution for this.. :frowning2:

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reminds me
sorry, miss your notification...

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Are you not able to check the different rendering types ala:

else if (CheckIsRunning(CHECKISRUNNING_EDITORRENDERING)) // do that

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Originally posted by xxxxxxxx

Are you not able to check the different rendering types ala:

else if (CheckIsRunning(CHECKISRUNNING_EDITORRENDERING)) // do that


thanks but unfortunately not, because that's not the issue.

For example: If the user clicks to render to the picture viewer and the render scenehook execute() is called and CheckIsRunning returns true. Now due to the click of the user the editor scene hook execute() is also called and CheckIsRunning is then true too. So there is no way to identify which code should now be called, the one for rendering or for editor. Editor rendering is of no relevance as it is either running or the user is working. In any case my code will call the editor code. But with a running renderer I don't know where my scene hook is called from currently (which would be no problem if the render flag would be set 🙂 ).

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Hi Katachi,

MSG_MULTI_RENDERNOTIFICATION is sent to each node in the document before rendering. You can
catch this message and set a flag in your node.

Bool MySceneHook::Message(GeListNode\* node, LONG msgType, void\* pData) {
    switch (msgType) {
        auto data = static_cast<RenderNotificationData\*>(pData);
        this->rendering = TRUE;
        this->external = data->external;

    return SceneHookData::Message(node, msgType, pData);


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excellent idea Niklas. Thanks!

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For completeness: works just fine.

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I was half-awake so that was my only consideration but Niklas got it exactly.  If only I had a brain. 🙂

Best of luck on whatever you're doing Samir!

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hehe 🙂 thanks Robert.