ResEdit for R14

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Cinema 4D Version:   R14 
Platform:      Mac OSX  ; 
Language(s) :     C++  ;

Anyone know of a current link to download ResEdit? The links I've found here all seem to point to page not found url's on the Maxon site.

Also how do you tell C4D to look for specific resource file locations? (ie in my plugin as opposed to the default resource location)

My tool plugin doesn't actually even need any resources however C4D produces messages about not being able to find the resource file for my plugin. Can I tell C4D not to try and load a resource file at all?

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the ressource editor is for dialogs, not for descriptions. it is also a bit outdated on the syntax 
of some dialog flags. here you can find the current R12+ version.

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Thanks littledevil. I've only just started writing first plugin so am still on steep learning curve. I got fed up with commercial (!!!) plugins like CarbonScatter which seem remarkably able to crash the entire application. Thankfully my day job is as a software engineer so i only have to learn c4d api.

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for your two other questions.

1. ressources use the GeRessource class as interface. You can load ressources from anywhere 
with it. In Python it is a global variable(__res__) in the file from which you execute the registerxyz
method, which is being provided by c4d. You can overwrite it. I guess guess there is a similar 
approach in cpp.

2. You have to provide a description for plugins that need a description. Even it is an empty one.