Shader dirty ?

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is there a smart way to determine if a BaseShader is time dependent, or in other words needs
to be recalculated for each frame ? GetRenderInfo does not seem to provide this information.
how is the shader effector doing this for its live data? maually comparing the first few frames or 
some uvw coords does not seem to be very reliable to me.

edit : ok tested the shader effector and it appears that the shader effector simply computes
the shader for each frame. which is fine for the shader effector i guess, but as i will have to
do a lot more samples than the shader effector has do, i wonder if there is an other way,
aside from an interface toggle option.

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The Shader Effector is not a shader, it's an object. And I'm afraid there's no easy way to know if a shader is time/frame dependent.

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The Shader Effector is not a shader, it's an object. A


i am aware of that, but the shader effector also has to sample a baseshader and i was under
the impression that the shader effector was doing this in a throttled manner. (which is not the
case). i am basically doing the same. i have a tag and the tag samples a shader. now i want
the tag only to be executed when it is necessary, because the tag does not have to sample 
just a few hundred points like the shader effector, but easily a few 1000 or 10000.

i am currently let the user decide, if the ouput is time dependent or not, not ideal for sure.

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There is no way to know if a shader is time dependent.
Each shader has to perform itself some kind of caching if possible.