Spline is not updated after i move point using Pyt

  • On 28/01/2013 at 18:29, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    I am using Python to move a spline's point. But the spline itself is not updated in the C4D viewport, the point moves alone, together with its tangent(s). Only after I grab the handles and manually move the point a little, the whole spline is updated. What code can I write to have the spline immediately follow the node's movements?
    def Execute(self, tag, doc, op, bt, priority, flags) :
          spline = tag.GetObject()
          oldPos = spline.GetPoint(0)
          newPos = c4d.Vector(oldPos.x + 10, oldPos.y + 10, oldPos.z)
          spline.SetPoint(0, newPos);


  • On 29/01/2013 at 00:23, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Ok, found out about it myself. It is in the SDK doc, under PointObject.
    One needs to call obj.Message ( c4d.MSG_UPDATE )

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