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Cinema 4D Version:   R14 
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I'm trying to remove elements from the description of my object in ObjectData::GetDDescription()
when certain circumstances become TRUE. I couldn't find any way to remove elements, only
to obtain, modify or add in the Description class.

How can I remove a description element in GetDDescription(), or is this not possible?


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I'm afraid it's not possible to remove description elements.
I think you should do it the reverse way: only add the description elements that are needed in GetDDescription().

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Hello Yannick,

This is very unfortunate. I'm wondering if it is possible to load two descriptions in GetDDescription(),
otherwise I need to create two resources and loading either the one or the other. Building the
description by hand is not really an option, the description has many elements.

Thanks for you answer,

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You can hide an element, is that any good? Or show it again if required. You do this in GetDDescription(). So you would have just one resource and show or hide the relevant elements. If you place them in a group, you can hide the group element and that hides all the elements in it, so you don't need to iterate through all the elements in the description.

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I went through this same thing a while back.
My QuickSteps example plugin does what Steve is talking about if you want to look at the code to get the idea.
Robert gave me a hand setting up all of the dynamic adding and hiding of the link boxes.

I'm using UserData for things like this now. Instead of descriptions.
Because UserData can be deleted.


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I should also have said that I did a mini-tut for this a while back, you can find it at