CalcVolumetric calls for MaterialData

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    Cinema 4D Version:   13 
    Platform:   Windows  ;   
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    i am messing around with a volumetric material plugin and came across an issue.

    It must evaluate the incomming light at some points in the medium. For this i use vd->IlluminateAnyPoint. The material is assigned to a box. The problem is that the transmission coefficient of the medium is only evaluated (by another call to CalcVolumetric) for lightsource outside the medium. See figure.

    Is there a way to trick Cinema into calling CalcVolumetric for the ray towards the light source in the top figure? If not, is there a way to determine if CalcVolumetric was called? How about arealights which could be partially in the volume?


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    Hi Michael,

    I forwarded your question directly to the developers.

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    Thank you

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