InitRenderStruct() allowed ?

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i know i am currently a question black hole again, but i have got another one.
the class/struct InitRenderStruct does not have a constructor listed in the python
class member listing. but the class is actually instantiateable. is this just a
a missing part in the doucmentation, or is this considered as - might crash
horribly at some point ?

i am sampling a shader with the struct from a tag plugin, so far everything is 
working fine, despite the fact i cannot provide any volumedata.

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We can indeed create an InitRenderStruct instance in Python.
There's actually 2 small code snippets in the documentation that instantiate InitRenderStruct: see Gradient.CalcGradientPixel() and BaseShader.GetBitmap().

But as you've said, drawback is that we can't assign a VolumeData to InitRenderStruct.vd. This is because all the attributes of InitRenderStruct are read-only.
It's also not possible to initialize a new instance with a specific document.

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hey thanks for the clarification, i have to admit that i rarely check the sdk examples. i think 
it should be mentioned on the class member page in the help, i almost skipped this option,
because i thought i am not allowed to instantiate this class, as there is no constructor listed. 🙂