split edge loop (much better than knife loop)

On 26/01/2013 at 21:04, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi everybody...I really love c4d but I really hate the knife for cut loop: it's not accurate, many times it doesn't select the entire loop (sometimes I can select the loop with loop selection or ring selection, but the knife loop doesn't select it)    ..if the mesh is not close this only select a side and you need zoom in your mesh because it can become crazy selecting other edges...it's really tricky and compared to the cut loop in blender,silo or modo is really ugly...

my workflow when I need a split loop is this
I select edge mode and then select ring loop...when my edge loop is selected I click "connect" and then I get my edge loop..but it's in the center..if I need move it I select the kyama slide plugin

how you can see..these are a lot of steps...would be possible condensate this inside a beautiful, usefull and friendly plugin :wink: ??....

thanks so much and I hope than I'm not the only people than hate the knife tool for cut loops :joy: ..