[Now Public] Makefile collection for the C4D API

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As I refuse to use the Visual Studio IDE on Windows, I am building C++ plugins from the
command-line using the make program. I thought I'd make my makefiles public so that anyone
can benefit from them, or maybe even contribute.

github - NiklasRosenstein - c4d-make

The makefiles allow building the Cinema 4D API and plugins from the command-line. The process of
editing the template-makefile to adjust it for the plugin that needs to be compiled, or even writing
a new makefile, is minimal. An example project will be included in a future commit.

Currently, only the Windows compiler is supported. If anyone knows how to compile for Mac and
Linux, it would be an honour to me if he could implement the platform/mac.mak and/or
platform/linux.mak files.

The projects README contains additional information, such as Installation, what contents a
platform-specific makefile requires, what still needs to be done, etc.

I hope some guys of you can benefit from it.

Best wishes,