NodeData return depending on rendering or not

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subject text length is to short for a propper description. i want a NodeData instance -
more specifically a ObjectData instance to behave differently when GetVirtualObjects
is being called for the editor view and when it is called for editor or external rendering. 
think of some sort of special LOD, like it is being implemented for the c4d Hair object.

i know how to determine if an editor or external (pictureviewer) rendering has been
started (c4d.CheckIsRunning), but i do not think, that this is the correct approach,
because all data have been already collected at that point.
so how do i determine if there is going to be a rendering and how do i return the
correct data ? i know that c4d creates a copy of the docment for external rendring.
most important would be for me to provide correct external rendering, correct editor
rendering could be viewed as shomewhat optional.

as a sidenote. i actually do not want to create more data on rendering, but less,
or in other words - filter the current data, which is quite time consuming.

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Hi Ferdinand,

you could try to catch the  MSG_MULTI_RENDERNOTIFICATION  message. I'm not sure when
exactly it is catched sent, but it may be what you search for.


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hi nikklas,

worked like a charm, i do not know how i could overlook thiat id, i have checked the msg ids :blush:
just for the record, you will have to set your object as 'dirty' in order to get his work.

def Message(self, node, mid, data) :
        self.IsFiltered = True
    return True
 def GetVirtualObjects(self, op, hierarchyhelp) :
if self.IsFiltered:
		self.IsFiltered = False
	return Something
	return SomehingElse

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Doesn't MSG_MULTI_RENDERNOTIFICATION get sent for both the editor & the external renderer?
I'd like to know how to tell which renderer is about to execute in Python too.
But I don't understand how the code you posted can tell which specific rendering action will occur?

In C++ we use the RenderNotificationData struct to determine if the editor, or external renderer is about to execute. But I don't see anything like that in the Python sdk. And I don't see how your example tells which specific type of render is going to occur.


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i think you misunderstood me, i do not want to distinguish between viewport and external
rendering. i just want to alter my ObjectData output if there is an upcoming render.

for rendering full precision , for openGl not.

however, you cann still use CheckIsRunning if you want to determine if or how long there is
a viewport/external rendering going on. but that is only after the rendering has been started.

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So there's no way to determine which renderer is about to occur with Python?


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I don't know for sure, but it might be possible if you check whether the
nodes document is in Cinemas opened-documents list (editor render) or not
(external or picture view render). Note that this is just a wild guess and I haven't checked this.

Best, Niklas