Knifing with python

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Bonjour tout la monde,

I found this post (over in the C arena), among others, on using the knife tool with smc, and I've spent a lot of time trying to figure it out in general with no joy.  I find myself asking, "Is it even possible?"

Here's the simple bit I've been trying:

data = c4d.BaseContainer()
    data.SetLong(1100, 3) ##Set mode to Plane
    data.SetBool(1115, 1) ##Set to Slice, for now, so I can figure out one thing at a time
    data.SetLong(1107, 2) ##Set plane to XZ
    objList = []
    objList.append(doc.GetFirstObject())      ##Temporary cube for testing
    c4d.utils.SendModelingCommand(244, objList, 0, data, doc, c4d.MODELINGCOMMANDFLAGS_CREATEUNDO)       ##244 = c4d.MCOMMAND_KNIFE

No errors, just... nothing happens.  Anyone know how to/have ever successfully cut anything in any way whatsoever?  Really appreciate the help.


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the knife tool requires mouse input in all modes, even for the plane-slice mode.
as stated in the linked thread it is currently not possible to use the knife tool as
a smc command, as it is not possible access/write the required data.






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that i wasn't able to set the vectors for the knife tool is just a limitation

of the knifetool ?

I contacted the developers on this.

and just as a advice - try not to use smc if you can avoid it in any way. it is more or less just one
big bug.

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Thanks, devil.

I was hoping the Plane mode might lead to an exception.  Oh well, there's always another way.

'Preciate ya.

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It's possible to send a knife modeling command. I just posted a code example in the other thread.

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Thanks Yannick!  That's awesome.

Sorry I'm a bit late noticing you posted this, I had given it up for dead :)