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Cinema 4D Version:   R14 
Language(s) :     C++  ;

I'm using (or trying to use) RestartApplication() in a plugin to, well, restart Cinema automatically. When the function is called, Cinema sits there for about 20 seconds completely unresponsive before eventually restarting. Sometimes I get that 'QTCF.DLL is missing from your computer' message that many people seem to get from time to time. (Needless to say, it's not missing.)

This happens with plugins from other sources, not just by me. Anyone know why this happens? It's annoying to get this delay. I have also used CallCommand(12104) and that works fine, but it's just the Quit command, not restart. What I'm trying to say is that the problem doesn't appear to be in quitting, it's in the restarting.

Anyone have any comments? Is there something I need to do before calling RestartApplication() to speed things up?



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I have just checked the RestartApplication() function from a C++ plugin, Windows 7 64Bit,
32Bit Cinema 4D R14.025. No problems here.

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Thanks Niklas. It's a problem in our plugin, I'm sure. For some reason it isn't shutting something down when restart is called. We're looking into it.