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MAXON Computer cannot be held responsible for any damages to your code or project-schedule as a result of your study and use of the SDK documentation or correspondence with our SDK-support team. MAXON Computer is not obliged to make any changes to the SDK at your request.

When using this reference or inquiring for support you do so at your own risk.

Requirements and compiler environment

A good understanding of C++ is necessary. If you are a beginner to C++ or C.O.F.F.E.E., please follow the links to learning resources that we have posted in the SDK documentation. We would also recommend that you consult some of the many books on C++ and existing source code.

We recommend using Visual Studio 2005 or higher on the PC and XCode 3 or higher on the Mac.

Of course you are free to use different compiler systems but we can only give support for these two packages as it is impossible to create and maintain project files for all available systems. It might be possible to use other packages, if you can set up the compiler environment correctly. In that case you have to ensure that you use the same structure padding as in VS 2005/XCode.

How to get support and who will answer your questions

The only way to get support is via Plugin Cafe. Since older versions of our SDK behave differently, support can only be given for the latest version. Always use the latest version of CINEMA 4D (updates are available at http://www.maxon.net).

Registration to the plugin café developer forum is free of charge but will be required to post your queries.

When sending a query about the C++ SDK, or C.O.F.F.E.E., please ensure that your problem is described in as much detail as possible, thus avoiding additional questions from the support team.

Please also post the part of your source code in question. Without this it will be impossible for the support team to find the cause of your problem.

If your project is under NDA or you need to address the support team directly, please email [email protected] for assistance.

If you find a potential bug in the SDK or reference, please report it immediately to [email protected].

What to expect (and what not to expect) from the support team

The support team will give support for the C++ SDK and C.O.F.F.E.E., free of charge.
The support team will try to give you precise answers, wherever possible.
Depending on the nature of your query, an answer can be made quickly or perhaps take several days.
The support team will assist you with information when it is not available through this reference.
The support team cannot help you learn C++ or C.O.F.F.E.E..
The support team cannot debug your plugins.
If a bug has been found, the support team will try to assist you to the best of their abilities but cannot be asked to make changes to the SDK.
The support team will not write code for you.
Depending on the complexity of your problem the support team is not obliged to help you.
The support team will not give support for non-public functions/variables/hooks.
The support team cannot be held responsible for any damages to your code or schedule.

Copyright © 2008 MAXON

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These were valid until November 2014 and are outdated by now.
Please have a look at the new rules on the new PluginCafe Blog