Minor Forum Update

Dear Community,

I have updated the forum slightly to support uploading and embedding videos.

Youtube and Vimeo

Placing a YouTube or Vimeo link will now be rendered with the respective player. Users are not able to not use functionality, i.e., one cannot place a text link to both platforms anymore as NodeBB converts URLs automatically into <a> elements which are then converted into a video player. All links to other platforms, e.g., https://www.google.com/ still work as before.

E.g., this (minus the double dots in youtubetube..com and vimeo..com):

E.g., this (minus the double dots in `youtubetube..com` and `vimeo..com`):

Will result in this:


Will result in this:

Uploading Videos

Uploading an avi or mp4 file with this button will now automatically use the HTML video player (if supported by the browser):


Will result in this:


I am aware that emojis are currently broken, I in fact have turned them off for now. I will fix that soon :)


MAXON SDK Specialist