Are there any official personnel from Megascans here ?

Hi community,

I notice that megascans plugin of Cinema 4D is stop update for long times, and it doesn’t support new node materials, all we can do is import as a xpresso material and convert , will you update this plugin recently?

Or do you allow me to modify this plugin to import the new node materials in Cinema 4D? Actually, I have almost done it , also support Arnold and Redshift node materials, but I wonder if I can share it as a free community plugin,

Or if you want to , you can merge my code in the offical plugins, I'd like to share my codes for your easy update and modify.

If someone from megascans of know how to connect with them, please let me know:blush:



Hi @Dunhou, we can't disclose any information about our partner and I'm doubtful that Megascan developer are reading this forum but who know.