Solved ShowBitmap() and image name

Hi folks,

How do I set a name for an image sent to the picture viewer? This bit here:


I tried setting the bitmap data like this:

bmp->SetData(BASEBITMAP_DATA_NAME,"My name");

but it does nothing.


Hello @WickedP,

thank you for reaching out to us. I noticed this too a while ago, and there is a ticket for that in the SDK task pool. It, however, has low priority.

  • ShowBitmap has a backend implementation of the same name which takes in a string to name the bitmap.
  • The backend ignores all bitmap metadata and the frontend version of ShowBitmap does not support the name argument.

There is also the file lib_pictureviewer.h in frameworks/cinema.framework/source/c4d_libs/ which deliberately has been hidden from the C++ documentation. It contains an interface for the picture viewer which provides more control, including displaying a bitmap with a user chosen name, PictureViewer::ShowImage.

So, you will not find this file in our online- or offline documentation, and instead must read the header file yourself. I frankly have no clue why that file has been hidden in the first place. Long story short, tread with care here, lib_pictureviewer.h is not officially supported. But I do not see what here should be going wrong for you as this interface just wraps an internal interface which is used all the time by us. And I also know of quite a few third parties using this (semi) public interface.

PS: I gave the ShowBitmap task a little nudge by adding this topic as a ressource, but it is still low priority, so it might take a while before we get to it.


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Hi @ferdinand,

I seem to have something working with the lib_pictureviewer.h library. Thanks for this. Maybe in future the standard ShowBitmap() could have a default empty string argument with it. Just a thought.

Thanks again,


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Thanks again.


Hey @WickedP,

Thank you for pointing it out. There was a problem with how the CSS of the plugin providing the solved feature, the forum CSS, and our styling CSS did mesh in the light skin. I fixed it by putting even more CSS on top of things - because who doesn't love a solid mess in the CSS :P

PS: I am aware that the search feature could also still use some work under the dark skin. It is just not the highest priority when things are ugly but readable.


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