Free plugins all in one : Boghma HUB

Hi community!

Here is a new plugin to manage all my(boghma) plugins and some open source librarys like ualib and renderEngine for Cinema 4D.

All the boghma plugin is 100% Free

About boghma: boghma is the pronounce of python in Uighur, It is a free community for Cinema 4D and operated by me and my two friends.If you want to share your plugins for free and put it into the manager, please contact me:+1:

Hope it can help you.



This plugin manage all the boghma plugin, and install/update/uninstall them.


  1. Download boghma hub and unzip it.

  2. Put boghma hub folder to your ssd disk,Like:D:/boghma hub

  3. Start Cinema 4D,Preference - Plugins - Add Folder,Add the boghma hub folder and keep active,like:D:/boghma hub

  4. Restart Cinema,find boghma menu and enjoy

Do not change the folder structure of boghma hub

How to use


  • Install
  • Update
  • Unstall