Solved Plugin Tag printing randomly to the console

hi there, i'm working on a tag plugin and whenever i add it to the scene the console start printing random letters , in this case it's printing "(null)" but sometimes it prints out completely random letters and symbols

c4d_Plugin printing to console issue.png

Hello @aghiad322,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I would recommend having a look at our Forum Guildelines. Relevant points for this and prior threads of yours are:

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About your Question

This looks very much like your implementation is not conforming to the return signature of one of its methods. You probably have an often called method like NodeData.Message (given how frequent the error is) in there where one of the paths of that method returns None instead of bool. You likely forgot the return statement altogether in that path, then returning an implicit None. Note that Message is just an example, not the only option.

Please understand that it is out of scope of support for us to find such "slips/accidents" in the code of users. Users must produce well-formed code on their own.


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@ferdinand thanks a lot , the problem was in the "message()" function, it didn't return anything.
sorry for the inconvenience of my previous questions.

Hey @aghiad322,

Great to hear that you solved your problem. And although I understand how you meant your last sentence, the questions of users are never inconvenient to us. All questions are welcome, but sometimes we must draw some boundaries for the scope of support.


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