Link to online docs

Hi folks,

Might be nice to have a convenience link (icon) to the online docs up in the header area. Somewhere here where the red circle is:


Maybe to the high-level docs starting page? Or one to each of the main programming starting pages (C++, Python, Cineware).

Just a thought.


Hey @WickedP,

Thank you for reaching out to us, I almost forgot your question here, my apologies. Your screenshot just made me aware that I made a bit of a boo-boo when I cleaned up the forum navigation a few weeks ago and exposed the Categories element only to admins (which is where I shoved all the minor stuff). Thank you for that!

I have fixed that now, and I also added the links you desire there because I see value in them too. But at the same time, I did the clean-up with the goal of making the navigation less"busy". Which is why the documentation links must remain hidden in the Categories item.


MAXON SDK Specialist

@ferdinand ah great, thanks. For others reading, may need a hard-refresh to get it to show.