Solved abc exported object names


Using r25 !

Apologies if this is not the correct forum for this.

I am not very fimiliar with c4d so please bear with me! I am having trouble when exporting alembics of objects, they are not keeping their full name, I think if the last part of a name is a digit it seems to ignore it? Is there a way to avoid this

eg. exported from c4d


imported into houdini (just to inspect the names) it has stripped the digits and added a 1 so that they are unique

my workaround is to just append a 'a' to every object I want to export which is not ideal...

I am exporting via python so if there are settings there to change :+1:


super, thanks


Thanks for reaching out to us and reporting a bug. Please excuse the delay.

This issue was confirmed and is now tracked via internal bug tracking system. Thread is tagged to_fix, so that thread can be tracked more closely.


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super, thanks