Solved New Native Redshift camera via Python

Hi there,

my matchmoving software is using python scripting to export the camera data to C4D.
This works great but the script is not able to create a Native Reshift camera even though the scene is configured to use the new camera as default.

Having a look at the Python API I was not able to find a specific command to set the c4d.CameraObject() to use the newer Redshift Camera Object.

So my question is this: What is the correct way to create a Native Redshift Camera via Python script ?

Attached is an example script from my matchmove software ( ignore the missing Footage). Just execute the script in an empty scene and it should create the trackers, the camera and a camera screen.

Any help is appreciated.

Hello @mschnell ,

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About your First Question

CameraObject is the type for the standard camera. The RS Camera must be instantiated with c4d.BaseObject(c4d.Orscamera). We have this C++ Manual but I never got to translating it for Python. But it might be helpful anyways.


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Thank you. I got it working thanks to your hints.