Solved python script, is "add to hud" possible to add to my python script?

(novice at scripting)

whenever i right click on a parameter of almost anything in the attribute manager i have the option to "add to hud"
is it possible to script "add to Hud" for a parameter?

Example script to create a cube

import c4d

def main():
    # Create a new cube object
    cube = c4d.BaseObject(c4d.Ocube)

    # Set the cube's size
    cube[c4d.PRIM_CUBE_LEN] = c4d.Vector(100, 200, 300)
    # Set the cube's segmentation
    cube[c4d.PRIM_CUBE_SUBX] = 1
    cube[c4d.PRIM_CUBE_SUBY] = 2
    cube[c4d.PRIM_CUBE_SUBZ] = 3
    cube[c4d.PRIM_CUBE_SEP] = 0
    cube[c4d.PRIM_CUBE_DOFILLET] = 1
    cube[c4d.PRIM_CUBE_FRAD] = 4
    cube[c4d.PRIM_CUBE_DOFILLET] = 1
    Cube[c4d.PRIM_CUBE_SUBF] = 2
    # Insert the cube into the document

    # Update the document

if __name__=='__main__':

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The answer is here, unfortunately, that this is not possible.


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would love to see that being added. the HUD is amazing for internal tooling