What happened to AEC export / AE compositing file?

Hi, since I updated C4D to the latest version [2023.2.1] this morning a large script of mine stopped working.
Something happened to the way the AEC file is exported. My main concern is that some characters in my naming convention are replaced by underscores.

For example a null exported as "AEC+,;M1" is now called "AEC___M1" when I read the aec as a simple text document.

This is just a simple example, but I've got lots of naming dependencies with an After Effects JSX script...

Can someone please check what happened, I would be very grateful, thx in advance, Jochem

Hello @jochemdk,

Thank you for reaching out to us. As announced here, Maxon is currently conducting a company meeting. Please understand that our capability to answer questions is therefore limited at the moment.

Your question is too special as that we could answer it right away. I must ask you to wait until next week for your answer, when our company meeting is over.

Thank you for your understanding,

MAXON SDK Specialist

Hi @jochemdk,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

The described issue likely originates from the confirmed bug report. You can check it yourself in the Bugslife:
ITEM#431430 [rsCam] RS Camera doesn't work with Cineware and Compositing Project File

The following list includes all illegal characters that are being replaced: /:*?"<>|!$%&()=`{}[]+-,;.#'~

Let me know, if you have any further questions!

MAXON SDK Specialist