USDA support for Redshift Materials?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone is working on USDA import support for Redshift Materials?

Someone on RS team suggested to me over discord that I write the thing myself (presumably with C4D python), but USDA import of RS materials seems like something that will officially be supported in only a matter-of-time.

Though it kind of sounds like fun in that it would be helpful to many people, I don't want to start on it if it's already being worked on officially?

Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!


Hi @jenandesign,

Thank you for reaching out to us. C4D does already support USD with materials for the import. The USD PreviewSurface materials can be loaded into Redshift target nodespace, where they are mapped to the Redshift node materials. From the coding perspective this can be achieved by calling LoadFile() or LoadDocument().

In case you originally meant importing native redshift material nodes in the USD-files rather than PreviewSurface materials, the information here becomes more fuzzy. To my best knowledge, C4D partially supports native rs-material nodes in USD on import, however, currently there is no active development in this direction.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


MAXON SDK Specialist

Thanks for the response @i_mazlov !

That's what I figured, based on what the RS team told me. I am definitely wondering about RS native materials :smile: