Unsolved Fieldlist HasContent() GetCount() bug workaround

Re: FieldList.GetCount Bug
I have a same issue but @pyr's workaround not working for me. Because the issue of fieldlayers based on linked objects. But if FieldList have fieldlayers without linked objects like Solid this code

def CheckFieldHealth (self,doc,field):

        if field == None: return False

        def get_field_layers(field):
            """ Returns all field layers that are referenced in a field list.



            def flatten_tree(node):
                """ Listifies a GeListNode tree.
                res = []
                while node:
                    for child in node.GetChildren():
                        res += flatten_tree(child)
                    node = node.GetNext()
                return res

            # get the GeListHead for the FieldList
            root = field.GetLayersRoot()
            if root is None:
                return []
            # Get the first node under the GeListHead
            first = root.GetFirst()
            if first is None:
                return []

            # traverse the graph
            return flatten_tree(first)

        error = 0
        for f in get_field_layers(field):

            if f.GetName() != None and f.GetLinkedObject(doc) == None and f[c4d.DESC_NAME]== None:
                error += 1

        if error == field.GetCount(): return False

        return True

will give same result as fieldlayer with destructed object. So how to figure out type of fieldlayer: FieldObject, Fieldlayer, Modifier Layer? Is this layer based on object or tag from OM or not? Thank you!

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unfortunately, there is nothing in the SDK that will help you in this regard. The only solution i see is to check the type of the layer and hardcode if that layer can have a link or not. Could be just an array containing the IDs of layers that do not have this link.


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