Solved PointObject.CalcVertexMap(self, modifier)

Hi everyone. I have a question about CalcVertexMap.
When and how is it used? I've used it on a spline (PointObject) and on a Plane (PoligonObject) but in each case the method returns only "None", no Array is generated.
The modifier parameter requires a BaseObject, again I passed different types here but it doesn't change anything. Could anyone give me some tips?


PointObject.CalcVertexMap(self, modifier)
is applied to PointObject like Polygon or Spline, and as a parameter it takes Modifier Object with "Restriction" tag applied to it.

So basically when you develop OBJECT_MODIFIER plugin, and "Restriction" tag is applied to your plugin - you would be able to support these restrictions.

Ok, thanks for the help.
CalcVertexMap obtains an array of the product of the PointObject's vertexmap values ​​(in the range [0.0,1.0],(I think) "normalizing" the result), using a modifier (BaseObject) with a Restriction tag (from this discussion https://plugincafe ) which is passed the vertexmap tags.

I finally understood. It is specifically used to restrict the action of a plug-in modifier to passed vertex maps. I thought CalcVertexMap used the modifier as the object that produces the vertex map, obviously it's not like that...

Hi @Abetred, just to let you now that baca is right here. If you are still in the design phase and not yet sure how to developer something feel free to ask us so we can guide you to achieve what you want to do.



hi Maxime, thank you for your availability. Bacca's answer immediately cleared my mind on the subject, just as I was reading the other thread. I usually use the traditional method of calculating vertexmaps in the presence of obstacles. I thought CalcVertexMap did just that (the restriction tag is not mentioned in the SDK, so I couldn't figure out how to use it) but my curiosity is just didactic.