Can we add a folding option for the code block when searching

Hey everyone,

I found that when I searching in the forum, the answer who take a long long code block can fill the searching page immediately . and it is so hard the get to next ,can we have a option that we can set automatic folding the long codes when we just interested in some specific topics


Yes a folding button would be cool,
... or another Code block option for the future where the responsible poster can dump lots of code and it will not show in searches ...

anyway I feel your pain even if its sometime good to see if its relevant to your search ...

@c4ds that is a bad news, but any way if it can be folding , it will have a great help.

Hi I can confirm that from nodebb side there is still no way to do it.

Rest assured that we are also annoyed by that so as soon as this is available we will enable it :)