Unsolved Release API for Modifying Camera Selection on Render Queue


AFAIK, it is not possible to change the camera selection after adding it to the render queue.
So you have to do the following through script:

  1. Change to Camera A
  2. Save Document
  3. Add to Render Queue
  4. Change to Camera B
  5. Save Document
  6. Add to Render Queue
    etc etc

It works but the setback is on saving document. I have a 1GB ish document file and it takes a lot of time to save the document and doing it everytime I want to add a camera to queue (through scripting) is just painful.

Is there away to just expose that camera parameter on render queue dialogue? So I don't have to save every document for every camera.


Hi @bentraje thanks for your feedback, I can't promise you anything but I will discuss with PM and it will be up to them to prioritize that or not.