Solved Notify CommandData Plugin from a PreferenceData Plugin


I have a CommandData Plugin which can have preferences. These preferences are implented in a PreferenceData Plugin. How would I notify the CommandData Plugin that the preferences have changed? I can't get the CommandData Instance from inside the PreferenceData, so I assume that I need to use the message system but when using GePluginMessage() from inside the PreferenceData Plugin I do not receive anything in PluginMessage() inside of the CommandData Plugin.

Is there something I am missing or do I need to use another message system? Thank you in advance.

I ma not familiar with PreferenceData, but maybe the following might help you:

In short: you let the PreferenceData call your CommandData's ExecuteSubID via a specific unique ID (similarly obtained from plugincafe as a pluginID).
The CommandData knows if that specific subID is called that it should react to a change of preferences.

Not the most elegant solution, and maybe there are ways to do this directly from PreferenceData, but as said I am not familiar with it.

Thank you very much, I do not know why I didn't find this post but this works perfectly 🙂 I find this to be a quite elegant solution compared to the different things I tried with the message system which didn't even work out in the end.


well, if it works.


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