SOLVED Unable to Retrieve the Input Port of Value Node


I've been able to retrive the value of redshift input ports using the following. Works as expected.

port_str = "com.redshift3d.redshift4c4d.nodes.core.standardmaterial.refl_weight"
input_port = standard_node.GetInputs().FindChild(port_str)

However, retrieving the port of built-in nodes gives me null

port_str = ""
input_port = value_node.GetInputs().FindChild(port_str) # This gives me null

The port_str is what is also reflected in the resource editor.

Are there specific method for retrieving the input of the value node?



this ID of this port is just "in"


       port =  node.GetInputs().FindChild("in")

You can display the IDs in the preferences -> Node Editor.
You can also copy the node and paste it to a text editor.

"" is the ID for the default value of the port.


@manuel said in Unable to Retrieve the Input Port of Value Node:

port = node.GetInputs().FindChild("in")

Ah I gotcha. I always forget about displaying IDs in hte preferences since I'm hopping between old and newest versions of C4D. My bad.

Anyhow, works as expected.