PyCharm Plugin on MacOs starts multiple Interpreter Instances

Hi everyone,

hope you had nice holidays.
im trying to follow the pyCharm setup, explained here and here:

The problem is, as soon as the Interpreter is called it seems to get stuck and start the interpreter over and over. Spamming my system with c4dpy instances in the background, with roughly a new one ever 3 minutes.

Anyone experienced similar problems?

Sorry, solved itself, the project path was not added to the jdk table file of pycharm. After that pycharm stopped doing this.

<additional ASSOCIATED_PROJECT_PATH="$USER_HOME$/LocalProjects/your/project/folder" SDK_UUID="0c6c6d76-ff0d-40a3-b9de-d6146d25c014">
<setting name="FLAVOR_ID" value="MacPythonSdkFlavor" />
<setting name="FLAVOR_DATA" value="{}" />

Hi @FSS first of all happy new year ! :)

And I'm glad that you found a solution however even if this is in the documentation we don't explicitly support PyCharm and only provide a dummy package to have autocompletion working with any Python instance. But C4dpy is not supported by all IDE and we can't provide any support there.

If you want to have a better IDE workflow we released a plugin for Visual Studio Code, requiring a Cinema 4D plugin and a VS Code plugin.

Finally I moved this topic to general talk as it this is nothing related to Cinema 4D API.